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IDSys can collect data from different targets. Then a global analysis can be run to expose the hidden fragilities of a business model, calculating the total complexity, resilience and global rating.

We work in collaboration with Ontonix, ( a company specialised in complexity and resilience analysis and rating to understand the fragility of a model. Our analysis system is connected with the tools developed by this company.


Within a complex business model and in the presence of a multitude of targets, each target has an intrinsic fragility which could impact the entire model creating a domino effect. It is important to be able to predict this.


A decentralized Reporting & Monitoring Service is able to collect data (in collaboration with Ontonix) from different targets and then run a comprehensive complexity and resilience rating tool to illustrate the fragilities of the model.


  • Efficient collection of on-time data
  • Visual Analysis regarding the co-dependency between different variables. This allows to understand the resilience of a model
  • Calculation of an innovative Resilience Rating on a business model to create an Early Warning System.