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> How Entities are Changing their Behavior


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Customer Type:

  • Law Firm


  • Divorce

Customer’s Request:

  • Can you represent in one image 12 years of transactions made between the Husband, the Wife and the Family account?
  • Can you provide evidence to support the fact that the Husband changed his behavior from a certain point in time to highlight the consequences?

Input Data:

  • An Excel file containing 7,595 financial movements within 4 bank accounts.
  • A report prepared by the Law Firm containing a description of what was already known to date


  • 12 infographic representations
  • 1 PowerPoint presentation

Delivery Time:

  • Delivered within 20 days of validation of the database


  • Subdivision of the 12 years into 3 separate periods of time
  • A clear and easily understandable visualization of what happened during each period
  • Less work for the Law Firm to prepare the Divorce claim
  • Complex transactions became easy to read, even by laypersons
  • Increase of the perceived value of the Law Firm’s outputs