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> IDSys Technology: the RepSys suite

To render our services we use the RepSys suite. It is composed of six tools we have internally developed:

  1. Importing Tool
  2. Complexity Reduction
  3. Protect Privacy (Data Masking and Obfuscation) 
  4. Couple Matching
  5. Documents Viewer
  6. Fund Transfer Analysis (Infographic Analysis) 



1) Importing Tool

To Import data from Excel or Database files – Learn more…


2) Complexity Reduction

To reduce the Complexity of a database – Learn more…


3) Protect Privacy (Data Masking and Obfuscation)

To protect the Privacy of sensible data – Learn more…


4) Couple Matching

To match Couples of Movements in large databases (credits and debits) – Learn more…


5) Documents Viewer

Data visualization and review: movements are linked to their original Source Document – Learn more…


6) Fund Transfer Analysis (Infographic Analysis)

To generate Infographic representations of complex systems of financial transactions – Learn more…