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> Connections Between Entities


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Customer Type:

  • Freelance Auditor


  • Identification and analysis of connections

Customer’s Request:

  • Can you prepare a graphical representation of the database of connections I have collected?

Input Data:

Excel file composed of 20+ worksheets that was consolidated by us into one source file containing 8 Individuals, 26 Companies and 38 Addresses detailed as:

  • Individuals linked with Addresses
  • Individuals linked to Companies
  • Companies linked to Addresses


  • Two interactive sessions to demonstrate to the customer the possible outputs
  • One image showing the global network between all the parties
  • 10+ detailed images on how to link specific parties (that were not in direct contact)

Delivery Time:

  • Delivered within 4 days of validation of the database


  • Identification of paths that were not visible at a first sight
  • Transformation of a very complex Excel sheet into easily understandable images