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Tag: Analysis

> Fund Transfer Analysis

IDSys offers to Forensic Agencies and/or Investigation Organizations a service that enables them to gain a better understanding of complex systems of transactions through the use of a Visual Console. NEED In the presence of a multitude of financial transactions and extensive intercompany cash flow exchanges between different targets, the…

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> i2 Analyze

IBM® i2® Analyze is an enterprise intelligence analysis environment that facilitates information sharing and intelligence production with the flexibility of both web-based and rich desktop clients. It accelerates analysis of large volumes of data through an extensible, service-oriented environment, designed to integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure, and simplify database…

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> Corporate Monitoring

Where Investment Institutions, Banks and Equity Funds have invested or granted a loan the IDSys service enables them to easily monitor several targets. NEED Equity Participations and Lending activities require within the targets a continuous activity of:- Controlling over performances Monitoring of agreed KPIs and achievement of objectives Covenants respect…

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> Covenants Monitoring

IDSys offers to Investment Institutions, Banks, Equity Funds a service to monitor several targets where they have investments or loans. NEED Loan agreements may include:- many covenants that restrict borrower’s actions covenants which require the borrower to maintain minimum levels of financial performance SERVICE Decentralized Reporting & Monitoring Service to…

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IDSys offers to Consulting Companies and Law Firms a service that is used by M&A Consulting Companies to create simulations of different acquisition or merger scenarios. NEED Complex M&A transactions need to be supported running a series of flexible simulation scenarios to understand the impact of complex transactions, when a…

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IDSys offers this service to Organizations, Not For Profit Organizations and Charities, etc where there is the need for collection of data from non-structured sources. NEED Organizations frequently may have the need to be able to collect data from different sources in order to perform statistical analysis on different phenomena…

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