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> Credit Card Transactions Monitoring


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Customer Type:

  • Financial Institution


  • Credit card transactions

Customer’s Request:

  • Can you find a different way to monitor systems of credit card transactions highlighting transactions that are suspicious?

Input Data:

  • A CSV plain text file composed of 6,078 credit card movements between 1,291 Targets


  • 1 Report containing 20+ different images


  • We have organized the entire database into 5 classes using an ABC approach
  • We have performed an analysis over the entire system of transactions and the transfers amongst the 5 classes of Targets
  • We proposed an innovative approach, introducing a new way to understand which entities have a different behavior from the others
  • We demonstrated that with the Diagram technology how it’s easy to identify and represent the specific Targets that are behaving in a different way from the others (these are shown as appearing outside of the “V” formation)